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The World Of Smiley Media :

This is a jigsaw puzzle formed by the bits and pieces contributed by the individuals who think alike. Fantasia permeates our world. The photographs we click together mark our wanderings in this unique odyssey from 2011. We call it “smiley media”. The are of Smiley Media Photography is not just an entrepreneurship venture but a passionate Endeavour of ardent dreamers to freeze time beautifully.

Smiley Media believe’s in capturing emotions and hence candid photography is top in our list. We love working on candids as they portray smiles, tears and any emotion that are just natural and the way they are. Nevertheless we also do traditional photography in our own best way.

We work as a team. We have a great efficient team who are all equally good and enthusiastic at capturing the precious moments. We have managed to capture 100+ wedding in the last three years . Most of us are young and energetic that we do not want to sit back in the events and we do not let you sit back as well. others who are not young by age are young by heart and mind and ofcourse are the much experienced.

Great photography comes from the special moment when beautiful light, a unique location and dynamic composition all combine, to capture and create emotions. Wedding is all about the beauty of a moment. The most beautiful moment could be at a flicker of a second and a good photograph is all about keeping that moment from running away.

Rest all is a promise. We would love to ba a part of your big day and will make you fell wow with our jaw dropping pictures that are truly yours. We help you show the best in you which you never knew actually existed. Our success is when you open your album after years and feel as if it happened just yesterday. we are blessed to give you the life time memory and that “SMILE” on your face. We believe that every wedding tells a story of its own and we love knitting a tale that shall be treasured forever


What ever be your style

Let it be Smiley Media “FOR THE PERFECT CLICK”

Our Team

Mani Kandan
With Engineering as a Degree and Photography as profession and immense passion, Mani has his own vision towards Smileymedia. Photography has always astonished him to the great extent and he always love shooting people. With dedication in what he does, he make sure he always works close to perfection

Sharadha , completing her Visual Communication had a big dream in her profession which helped her land in Photography. Shes passionate in what she does and can never stop herself from photographing. Her world inside her brain is anytime beautiful and she expresses them through her pictures

Our Clients

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