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Not confident on poses when you go for couple outdoor shoot ?

Everyone hates bad photography or bad poses! Be it in wedding photography or the couple outdoor shoot, when you do portraits, the bride and the groom want to look good, feel good and hence cherish the images forever. Now that apart from the wedding photography, most couple love to do this. Outdoor couple portrait shoot. Before i take you through my experience, i would like to stress that outdoor couple portrait shoot is not candid photography. Be it the couple or the wedding photographer themselves , always misunderstand candid photography to be the couple outdoor portrait. Oh yes, you may […]


KASIMEDU! Our team always wanted to explore this part of Chennai with couples! Kasimedu always fascinated us and we had immense love to the people , the culture, the stories and almost everything. We felt why not a couple shoot in Kasimedu where the Groom is pictured as a Fisher Man and the Bride as his Girl! Isnt it fun to imagine a love story of that sort and to capture it?

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