The beautiful mom to be

Maternity photoshoot is something that interests me, as a women photographer. I know how nice it is to carry that little one, something to cherish forever.. Here’s my experience with this lovely mom-to-be. Keep going forward is the key! I just fell in love with the recent shoot i shot. Been almost three or four months since i shot anything with complete involvement and planning because of my wedding. I was extremely busy and was waiting for a shoot to explore.. I was desperate and then came this shoot 🙂 We had some good discussion with the client in choosing […]

When two photographers fall in love

Its easy to be a PHOTOGRAPHER but its definitely not easy to be the bride, the couple and the whole perspective of wedding photography had changed after my wedding. From the delay in ceremonies, to the tensed up uncles, to the unplanned changes, to the important pictures everything seems to be justifiable after me being the bride myself. Im sure this experience had given me an opportunity to learn more to become a better photographer. Here’s my experience with all my awesome service providers who deserves this special mention Dream come true is an understatement. Having attended 1000’s of wedding […]

Not confident on poses when you go for couple outdoor shoot ?

Everyone hates bad photography or bad poses! Be it in wedding photography or the couple outdoor shoot, when you do portraits, the bride and the groom want to look good, feel good and hence cherish the images forever. Now that apart from the wedding photography, most couple love to do this. Outdoor couple portrait shoot. Before i take you through my experience, i would like to stress that outdoor couple portrait shoot is not candid photography. Be it the couple or the wedding photographer themselves , always misunderstand candid photography to be the couple outdoor portrait. Oh yes, you may […]

No text message will ever replace the “First Kiss”

“Kiss” as we hear it , we smile ! Dont we? Whats so interesting about those magical thing. I still remember the first ever kiss i got from the one i love and it still looks like a dream! Dream? uhmm , yes may be. Its because of the unconventional thoughts that creep every Women’s/Bride’s mind during/before her first kiss   Nothing can ever beat a first kiss. Doesn’t matter if you are getting kissed for the very first time or you are kissing a new person for the first time, kisses are the best part of any relationship. A kiss […]

Great ways to close your photography deals! Know how?

” You do not need everyone to like you or every one to want to hire you”. The first ever thing to keep it in your mind when you are with a client to close the deal. But this doesn’t mean you take everything for granted. Just that you are already prepared for the worst case that you do not get disappointed. As a Founder of my company , apart from being a photographer , i also handle client meetings. The first meet with the client will mostly be done by me and fortunately 90% of the clients i meet […]


Havent we always dreamt of wearing Jewels? Specially the Ladies? Women most of the times doesnt need Men but GOLD!! When we have that situation where we like and want all the Jewelry ? Specially for our special occasions , that one time WEDDING EVENT!! We make sure we choose the best. Dont we? There we have THE NAC JEWELERS giving splendid collection for the BRIDAL JEWELERY. Not just that, they have designed the bridal collections that fits the budget of the customers. We know this is so exciting more than that they have come up with much more exciting […]

LAYA – The day spent with LOVE

Laya, as the name says she is definitely a form of MUSIC!! The vibrant she was spreading the whole day helped us be active. Clicking her almost the whole day was never a tiring process. She was so instant in changing her faces that we could not stop our self from capturing her little tiny moments.

Live Streaming

  MADHU WEDS SUREKHA KALAINYAR ARANGAM, TEYNAMPET WEDDING – 18-11-2015 Watch the unedited, Raw Live video of Madhu and Surekha getting married. *The footages are unedited, hence there might be unwanted sequences, shakes, etc., GANAPATHY WEDS KAUSALYA DHARMAPRAKSH MANDAPAM, EGMORE WEDDING – Nov 30, 2015 Watch the unedited, Raw Live video of Ganapathy and Kausalya getting married. *The footages are unedited, hence there might be unwanted sequences, shakes, etc.,

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